Meet Adam

Adam Helps coordinate Clinical Trials.


Smart Insights

Remind and educate patients with personalized next steps


24/7 Care

Encourage patients and provide on-demand support


Easy Scheduling

Automate scheduling for bustling clinics and busy patient lives


Smart Data Capture

Capture critical data like adverse events through natural conversation


Adam’s Smart Approach

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Root's core technology is a conversational agent. More than a chatbot, Adam doesn't just prompt and response. Adam can have a real conversation because it remembers what a patient said last and act upon it. It can collect free-form responses, provide positive reinforcement, and even determine a patient's emotions using proprietary algorithms.


Patients First


Our Mission

At Root Health, we put the patient at the heart of everything we do. We scale personalized, compassionate care throughout the world. Learn More >>


Scale & Reach

Root reaches patients on multiple channels and devices across the world. In fact, Root has a best engagement metrics in the industry.


Empowers Research Teams

Actionable Insights on their Fingertips


Predictive Analytics

A single solution for patient business intelligence, like predicting patients likely to drop out or research site’s missing enrollment targets.


Smart Workflow

Adam collaborative planning and patient journey tracking manages hand-offs between team members and ensures trials are completed on time.


Automated Reporting

Adam’s natural-language engine writes internal and external regulatory reports automatically. Visualization with interactive dashboards provide insights across the trial in real-time.

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