Root can help you save money and increase productivity.


The problem:

Chronic diseases including heart disease and type 2 diabetes are common, preventable, and costly for organizations.

One in three employees have a chronic disease, costing an average of $5,284 per employee.

Companies spend an average of $742 per employee on corporate wellness programs, which are often ineffective.
— CDC 2016

The solution:

To reduce corporate wellness costs, Root is the solution. We offer weekly health counseling to make sure your employees meet their health and exercise goals. Root's in-app clinicians will even make personalized suggestions for healthy meals out, which you can order before your lunch break and have delivered to your office by lunch time. We help our patients find the right products at the right price point to be healthy based on guidance from their clinician.

Root's Clinicians are aided by Root's AI Health Coach, which analyzes your employees' behavior and promotes improved habits to minimize the effects of chronic conditions.

Root Helps with:

  • wellness
  • diabetes prevention
  • diabetes management
  • hypertension

The Bottom line:

Root adds value to your company by reducing rates of absenteeism and lost productivity. If you have an employee with prediabetes, the cost of the condition becoming diabetes is about $6,300. By using Root, there is a 50% incident reduction rate. You would save over $3,000 annually, leading to a 316% ROI !


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