Case Studies
More Enrollment, Engagement, and Retention with less work. Our results speak for themselves.

Root AI assistant helps an Asthma Research Center complete study randomization 30% faster

Root AI Assistant increased randomization rates by 37% over industry averages1 and decreased projected enrollment timelines by 30%. Root increased the operational capacity of the study team by 5x to enable them to recruit and enroll more participants for their registry with the same resources.

Root AI Assistant increases survey completion rates by 200% over industry averages for a COVID-19 observational study

Root AI Virtual Assistant received observational study responses of 60%, an increase of 200% over industry averages of 10-30%, in a COVID-19 survey of 1100 participants. Root increased the operational capacity of the study team by 76x to enable them to survey more participants with the same resources.

Get the Root Health guide for safe & effective participant recruitment & retention In clinical studies during COVID-19.

COVID-19 is posing new challenges to safely interact with your participants. Find out how to safely recruit, enroll and retain participants during COVID-19 in our guide.

Thought Leadership - Placing participants first in clinical studies (as seen in Health IT Pittsburgh)

The participant burden in clinical trials is high. In fact, only 5% of individuals participate in clinical trials, and of those that enroll, 30% drop out.