About Us

Our Mission

At Root Health, we are driven to transform how researchers and participants connect and engage in clinical research by improving communication, collaboration, and trust. Our mission is to enable a seamless participant and study team experience and to allow anyone to participate by simply raising their hand.

Our Vision

At Root Health, we believe in the power of conversation to form relationships. That’s why we designed a break-through technology that has personalized human-like conversations about clinical research around the world to increase awareness, access, and engagement. Our vision is to directly connect investigators and participants to increase efficiency, access, and most importantly quality of care.

Our Story
Root Health is the culmination of years of experience from Raj Sharma – a digital health innovator from Carnegie Mellon University and Eric Ghildyal – a computer scientist from the University of Pittsburgh. 

Raj and Eric met at UPMC Enterprises, the venture captial arm of the health system, where they discovered firsthand the power of conversational AI to both form relationships with patients and drive healthcare operations for medication adherence. After seeing their adherence solution quickly adopted by 15 hospitals, they left UPMC and started looking at clinical trials for a family member. 

In clinical research, Raj and Eric noticed the dire problem of low participation and retention. They saw that operational problems in clinical studies stymied promising medical innovations like digital therapeutics or personalized medicine and they decided to do something about it. 

They interviewed hundreds of world-class research teams across the United States to discuss this problem. They discovered the solution to increasing participation and retention was shockingly simple: more personalized one-on-one conversations. One world-class investigator they now work with said it best, “Clinical studies start with conversations.” That’s where the premise of Root was born – an AI virtual assistant who has interactive human-like conversations with participants to guide them through their clinical study journey and automate clinical operations.

Our Leadership

Raj Sharma MBA

Co-Founder & CEO

Eric Ghildyal

Co-Founder & CTO

Dom DiPasquale

VP of Product Development

Jeff Ingram

VP of Strategic Partnerships
Our Advisors

Alethea Wieland

Founder and President - Clinical Research Strategies